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Why Join?

We are always looking for more ways to achieve our goals, with more memberships our ability to provide services increases.  Membership fees help cover costs for some of the items below.  (Take a look at each donation level to see  examples of what your donation could cover.)

  • Website development and ongoing management
  • Toll free telephone number
  • Maintaining our AIU store
  • Fees for EMS conferences or community events
  • Assist members in their AI awareness events by providing handouts and paying booth fees
  • Stipends to cover cost for representatives of AIU to attend conferences and community events.  Stipends would be used for gas, lodging and meals and be awarded on an individual basis.
  • Providing free materials to EMS/ER directors, School Nurses, Endocrinologists, and other health care professionals
  • Developing products and written forms/documents for member use
  • Planning events
  • Online seminars (Coming soon! Information at the bottom of the page)

Memberships Levels

Members will gain access code to a special section on our website. Special content such as our recorded conference sections will be added soon. The new page will be available in June 2018. 

 Friends     $24

  • (Covers the cost of a kit for an EMS/ER director.)
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter (electronically or via USPS mail).

Boosters   $60

  • (Covers the cost to send kits to 6 school nurses or to provide materials for a member sponsored event.)
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter (electronically or via USPS mail).
  • Receive a welcome packet with brochure and stickers.

Leaders     $120

  • (Covers 6 months of AIU’s toll free phone number or pays for a booth at a one day event, such as a local fair.)
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter (electronically or via USPS mail)..
  • Receive a welcome packet with brochure and stickers.

Higher Levels available, please contact us. 

Different Ways to Join

Download our membership form and mail it in with your donation check. 

Join and donate right here in our online store. We'll mail out your membership form in a self addressed stamped envelope for you to send in.

Find us on Patreon and join by donating a small amount each month. Starts at $1 per month.