EMS/ER Protocols

An adrenal crisis is a life threatening event requiring prompt and proper treatment.  AIU is working to ensure that everyone with adrenal insufficiency has access to the care they need. Emergency Medical Personnel are not able to treat an adrenal crisis unless there are protocols which allow them to act.  AIU needs your help to get these protocols in place not only for those with adrenal insufficiency, but for all with rare disease.  Contact us if you would like to help.

School Protocols

Children with adrenal insufficiency must have a health plan in place.  School staff need training on the signs/symptoms of adrenal crisis and how to give the injection.  Although many schools are happy to accommodate their AI students some are reluctant to train staff in the injection.  If your child is attending a public school in the USA his/her needs must be accommodated.  AIU has developed a school training powerpoint and sample health plan.  We are happy to work with your school district or state to help ensure children with AI receive the proper medical care while at school.

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